Dark Days With No Friends

August 15, 2017
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Dark days with no friends,even for today i still

struggle to realese those moments we had.i thought

they cared for me and they wouldn't leave in trouble.

i looked at them as family members but they looked at

me as a toy.all they ever wanted from me was to steal

from me and to see me struggle.


Dark days with no friends,they left me when i needed

them the most.they left me with questions that i can't

answer.how can they do this to me?why didn't i see it

coming?i felt lost and betrayed by my friends.it felt like

one hell of a nightmare but the truth is,i was not dreaming


Dark days with no friends,i thought they would support me

through thick and thin.they pretended to be my friends but

they were not my friends.all they wanted was to steal from me

and leave me with a broken soul.

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