The Paradox Of Generosity

August 13, 2017
By nealvandemark BRONZE, Pullman, Washington
nealvandemark BRONZE, Pullman, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Satire in the face of pain eliminates part of the pain itself.

Sunday stroll in the city of seattle
The man with a backstory, sign, and a personal chattel
Let forth the internal battle, whether or not to reach for your stash
I guess the sign is good here take my cash
Hides it in his trash, and exclaims ‘thanks, god bless you’’
The tone was empty, so hopeless, was he really worth your revenue?
I feel good, wallet still true, with a feeling of worth I will fall asleep
Until you see one more homeless child a block down the street.  

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by a scenario that had previously happened to me. I was in Seattle, walking down the streets and throughout the day I had issues with who to give money too. It was hard because I would feel good for a hot minute, but then I'd see another homeless man, and I could not stop thinking about the one guy I didnt help. Then I realized that its simply the paradox of generosity.

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