What to write?

August 13, 2017
By Beery2300 BRONZE, Boca Raton, Florida
Beery2300 BRONZE, Boca Raton, Florida
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I’m staring at a blank page.
There are fragments running through my mind.
A million different stories,
What to write?

I need a villain, a hero.
I need a story, what are they doing!?
What do my characters want?
What to write?

I’m reading some sort of book.
I could write this way better.
Author, can I? - No, not mine.
Come on!
What to write?

How does anyone do it?
How do authors come up with such amazing things?
I’ve got pieces, no way to put them together.
What to write?

No matter what I think of,
Everything, everything’s been done!
I’m a decent writer.
But to write, I need a plot!

The author's comments:

I have spent most of my life reading, and even more of my life wanting to write a book. This poem is something I created during one of the many times a felt discouraged over only being able to come up with fragments of a story. This poem embodies something I feel many inspiring writers can relate to, frustration over a never-ending writersblock, and the belief that all the good ideas have already been written. I hope that people will take this poem and understand the underlining meaning, that even as the poem complains of an inabilaty to create new works of writing, it in itself is a new work.

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