No Love Poem Should Come To This

August 11, 2017
By booksandrain SILVER, Seattle, Washington
booksandrain SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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A threshold, a gaping maw,
a divide between hearts,
an ocean of miscommunication
and saltwater tears left unshed.

When last I held you,
and felt the feathers of your breath in my ear
and the murmurs of darkness reminded me
of how love is mist and shadows and light,
I swore our love was infinite,
a force to which all would bow.

I didn't know then
that love was a single thread
connecting minds and souls and hearts.
I didn't know how easily it could snap
or how dark would be the fall.

Now, the other side of the bed is cold
and the darkness threatens to suffocate.
Now, I call out, and there is no answer
but broken promises and words unsaid.

No love poem should come to this.

The author's comments:

Inspired by the poem 'Quarantine' by Eavan Boland

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