November 8th, 2016

August 11, 2017
By booksandrain SILVER, Seattle, Washington
booksandrain SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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There is nothing in this world
Quite like pure, unadulterated hate.

It hides under many guises –
Contempt, disgust, dismay.

The snake coiling in your belly,
Writhing beneath your skin.

Today, I understand this feeling.

Fear is a force as palpable as a heartbeat.
When all else human has been stripped away.

When love and laughter falter,
When goodness flickers and fades,

It is the primordial pounding in your bones
When down hope tumbles on broken wings,

It is all that remains.

I close my eyes and whisper in the dark.
Shine, shine, the unkillable spark.

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