August 10, 2017
By Malayna BRONZE, Orinda, California
Malayna BRONZE, Orinda, California
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Bell rings
You leave
You enter and start your shift
You ring people up


Then all of a sudden
You look up
And there he is
Standing there


Your mind races
Your heart swoons
Your breath fails
Your cheeks redden with a faint rose


He barely makes eye contact
Until he walks up
He asks for a scoop
Mint chocolate chip


You wordlessly hand him the cone
Your fingers brush
And you can feel your pulse racing
Along with his


He looks up
He smiles
You try to say something
But too fast he's gone


You sigh
Go home
Stalk him on Instagram
Facebook, Twitter, everything


Being careful not to
Make it too obvious
But too quickly
You make a mistake


Old post
From two years ago
You liked it
A slight double tap


You curse yourself
You cry


Next day
He doesn't look at you
In the hallway
He might know


Then when the last bell
You walk out of English
And then stop short


He's there
But he's not looking at you
He's looking at someone
A girl


Not you
A pretty girl
Brown eyes
Brown hair


Then he looks up
From his conversation
And the laughter


You will yourself
To try not to cry
But you can't
You run


You hear a male voice
Call after you
But you don't dare
Look back


Then you feel a shiver
A tingling
His hand
On your shoulder


You turn
Wiping tears away
And he smiles at you
But you can't smile back


You look over his
Broad shoulder
That girl is talking to
Another guy


He's all yours
He leans in
And you know
The feeling is mutual

The author's comments:

I wrote this because sometimes you may think that someone doesn't think of you in a certain way but if you just let them explain, maybe they really do.

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