Cities and Villages

August 10, 2017
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A withered brown bridge with many spots of tall grass growing strong.
Before it connected villages with great pride.
Now it leads to vacant air
stopped in its tracks
walked by those who are now only remembered by their names.
In China
the cities have become increasingly modern.
Tall buildings and strong transportation
mirroring their western friends.
A land of efficiency
accommodating their population
a population exceeding all other lands.
The cities are a home to innovation and technology
full of smart and adaptable people.
And then
as you go into the countryside
you begin to see the mountains that the city dwellers sometimes glance at.
You realize their beauty and size
something that could never be modernized.
And at the feet of these mountains
lay rural villages and towns.
Old houses of stone
cracked but standing.
Like the brown bridge
for both are old and have no use to most.
But like the growing grass, the villagers still find use for these breathing lands.
Traditional buildings of round roofs
with engraved writing on the walls.
And old temples not too far away
open to any and all
the aroma of incense vivid in the minds who walk through.
These places Coexist with nature
Hundreds of beautiful trees and quiet rivers covered in paddies and tall grass. 
This is the land of the forgotten people
brown skin and great smiles.
some with few teeth left.
They lead humble lives of hard work and old rules.
Tending great crop fields
or working their small shops.
Now the young venture to the great cities
leaving their elders
Where they will still live their own lives.
The rural lands few visit
are beautiful
and resemble the history of the past.
We must not forget
our ancestors
and the way of life that most do not know.
The life of simplistic bliss
is now something that is so foreign.
Like it could never truly exist.
Just visit the land of the mountains and their people.

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Susiesnowflake said...
Aug. 21 at 8:15 am
Beautiful poem well written very impressed
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