August 9, 2017
By benndelisle GOLD, Morrisonville, New York
benndelisle GOLD, Morrisonville, New York
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The forest is dark, baring the magnitude I detest

I am taken aback by the loneliness felt in company of millions of angry, swaying trees

The man I see is not the one I want, he is too intact and whole

Pieces, parts and emotions thrash in the heavy, damp wind

Visibility low, blocked by the sound-waves of my beating heart in conjunction with my speaking mind

The heavy thumping of the man's feet becoming closer than before

Rain pouring, winds pulsing, voice is a luxury I do not obtain and hearing inevitable

Dark, dark, darker, more and more moon than sun, until even the moon betrays

The man, close now, reaches out his hand as I unwillingly lift my heavy arm to find ours as one

His hand is mine and mine his, we move in synchronicity, terrified of our power

We place our feet into one, becoming two powerless torsos with one set of arms and legs, fraught

Melding as one, we realize we're one in the same, two half-lives living as one, intact, at last

Melting hearts and heads clarify stupidity for ignorance and heart break for sub-par love

The sky a flurry of brilliant blue and eager white, the birds chirp to the rhythm of one happy soul

I  A M  F R E E .

The author's comments:

The piece was written to explain the emotions acompanying my being gay and coming to except it in terms of society as well as coming out to the world.

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