Perspective of Success

August 8, 2017
By sbyrne00 BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
sbyrne00 BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
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I believe there comes a time in our lives where we come to terms with ourselves. Some sooner than later, but eventually you begin to see life from a fresh perspective. You realize you want more from life than what money can buy. What society deems as important will eventually disappear in the same way wool disappears as dinner for a moth. You want to take part in unforgettable conversations, not fancy, expensive dinners. You want to scatter love and joy instead of pricey gifts. You would rather pick people up when they're feeling down instead of picking them up in the newest Porsche. You discover that you want nothing more than to hear the stories of the lives you've surrounded yourself with for 10 years that you've never taken the time to listen to. You crave to pay careful attention to the way they chose each of their words and heedfully construct each of your  questions about their stories. Wanting to remember the minuscule details about everyone's lives is the sweetest sentiment available in your heart. You yearn to give your undivided attention to the broken hearts you know and are yet to know. You learn that what you want from life is nothing more than to invest your time in the busiest days of your life to each soul you interact with. Just to remind your old friends you miss them with every passing breath from your lungs. You want to spend all your time shining the light of Jesus because there's nothing that could ever possibly be worth more than the dark lives you radiate into. It's a big revelation when you realize time will never be given back, so giving someone else your time deems overall more important;  every inner being deserves to know how valued they are not only by you, but also the omnipotent King. You want to show off your loyalty, so others will get the sense that they will never be left behind. You know all to well the hurt that comes packaged with un loyalty and no one deserves that pain. You hunger for the moments to reassure those that you're all in, you're not confused, you know that you want them- you know that Christ wants them. The very thought of the most broken, tattered hearts wandering out lonely in the world without Him breaks your own. You know that it's you who's called to cherish those hearts, to protect them, to go love them, and to never take them for granted. This earth alone cannot satisfy what your soul deeply craves- it needs an omniscient creator to suffice the passion burning inside of you as you come to terms with your own life, your own heart. You thirst of the idea of giving this fallen world something it could never get rid of- something that could never lose it's worth. Each individual life is worthy of love and everlasting life. They will never lose their value; Each was purchased by the sacred blood of Jesus Christ and that is more than any earthly currency could ever buy.

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