A Reason Why

August 3, 2017
By Marcasaures PLATINUM, Justice, Illinois
Marcasaures PLATINUM, Justice, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Never give up on love, cause when you do find it. It won't give up on you.

I'm trying to find a reason why,
To abide by,
To live by,
To survive by.


And all I want to do is lie to myself,
Though it is not good for my mental health,
But the blame is always there,
On why I pushed you away,
On why you didn't want to stay,


Though the answers are ever so clear,
I don't want to admit them for the sake of my fear.
What's done is done,
We might not have won.
But progress is second to none.


I hope you're sleeping okay,
And you take your vitamins every day,
That your cough is getting better,
That you're enjoying the weather,
And I hope you never wither
And you whether the storm.


As it's the norm.


I hope that you're safe,
I hope that you're safe.
Never lost,
And always on your way.


I'll be hoping for better days,
No matter what my mind may say.


No matter what my mind may say,
I hope you're doing okay.
And thank you for your stay.

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