Prettiest Color

August 3, 2017
By Marcasaures PLATINUM, Justice, Illinois
Marcasaures PLATINUM, Justice, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Never give up on love, cause when you do find it. It won't give up on you.

I woke up feeling lonely,
Wishing someone would hold me,
But I'm too afraid of someone holding me too close.
Me not being able to reciprocate when they're giving the most,
And the cost of that,
Is something that no one wants to bear.
And no one would want to bear to see you be unhappy.


Sorry that I made you feel that way.
It was never my intention,
I do wish I would have mentioned more
How I adored you,
How I was lucky to be a part of your life,
How your presence presented itself in the nicest light.
How the loss of feeling will be presented with doubt and fear,
Most nights have been dwindling well,
And most I wish you were still here.


But I can't keep wishing,
I can't keep fishing for any false hope.
Baiting with my heart will leave me here to mope when things don't go my way, and even if it's not my way, it is the way that it has to be, the way it has to be has been so hard to see but I'm very aware that it is real, and it is there.


I'm still here,
And I want a better year.
I'm still here
And I don't care if you're not here
I'm still here
And I've made a career
Out of stating things I'm not sure of.
And I'm not sure if I don't care if you're here.
Or if it's my mind tricking myself to cope.
Man I hope it's helping,
I hope.


My heart is erratically pacing,
My mind is racing,
And I've been pacing these same damn
And paths,
Just to find my path eventually linking with you.
And I just don't know what to do.
Cause my heart has been speaking for days on how it feels your departure every day,
And it reminds my brain every day.
And my brain says to let it go.
Realize what once was,
Is not what it now is.


That time itself can eradicate previous ideas.
That you know the words that she stated in the slowest of moments, when you knew you needed to let go of this. But you, heart, you got selfish. And you wanted to cling on for dear life like that would help it. As much energy you could muster, the amount of love you could collect into your vile,
You cannot make someone want to go that extra mile, to take in your love, if to them, it's not worth while.


And the heart may listen,
But it only knows how to feel.
And even through the gloomy the nights,
And the bright daylight,
It will still feel real.
Like Neil,
It's hard to imagine a color that you have not seen.
It's hard to not see a color that you have previously seen.
How it made you feel,
How it stuck out in your memory,
And became your favorite color.
You might find different shades,
That might take your mind away,
That might help you forget for a day.
But it does not compare,
The loveliest color you've seen,
And who first made it aware that it was there.

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