Sinking, Smiling

August 3, 2017

Concrete tiles scratching against my skin,
Broken pieces like nails on my back.
The feeling sends me forward, shying away,
Desparate to escape its grasp and yours.
Keeping me so still, you say and do
Everything that is right and wrong.
An antonym with skin, a conflict with eyes.
Eyes so deep and filled with wonder,
If I chose to end life here, I would do it
By drowning myself in the glossy waves
Your eyes hold. I’d sink so deep, smiling.
Familiarizing myself with the earth below,
I am touring the ground for my place.
Where will I choose to rest deep in the land?
Is there a spot as comforting as your arms?
Taunted day and night that I must live this
Repetitious life without the light of your smile.
Basking in your presence by moonlight alone.
Dare we face the touch of the sun, we die.
She does not show her favor on lovers like us.
Lovers who hold each other tenderly in secret,
But whose true desire is absolutely terrifying.
If you loosen your grasp now, I may slip, and
Falling is the worst possible option now;
I’d rather fall to my death than fall in love
With someone as cruel and intoxicating as you.

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