When Winter Comes Around

August 2, 2017
By cillamarlene BRONZE, New York, New York
cillamarlene BRONZE, New York, New York
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The air is cold today.
I can see every breath I take in front of me.
The cold surrounds me, and everything in sight.
The water is frozen, with naked trees all around
And I begin to wonder if they feel almost as vulnerable as I do.
I can see the snowflakes that begin to find refuge on my eyelashes.
They lay across my lashes, and find peace knowing they won’t disappear into the floor.
And with that, I look up at the sky and admire the snowfall. 
The sky so blue yet so pale.     

And like the sky, I feel blue.
As if someone cut me open, I’d be black and blue all over.
I feel frozen like the water,
Like time has no effect on me because I’m lost.
I’m stuck and I can’t scream for help.
No one cares enough to listen.
I am frozen in a place I don’t want to be at.
And just like the snowflakes,
I am helplessly falling, just hoping to land somewhere safe.
Hoping to find refuge,
To rest on someone’s eyelashes.

But the trees.
I am the trees.
Naked and exposed to a world that takes me for granted.
And my leaves represent my willingness to keep trying,
To keep pushing past the pain and move forward every time someone leaves.
My leaves represent the people who have stayed like they said they would.
My leaves are the promises that were fulfilled through the hard times.
But it is winter,
And just like I figured,
I have no more leaves.
But just like a tree,
I will repeat the same cycle over and over again until I die.
I will grow new leaves and new colors,
I will meet new people who will fill me with empty promises,
I will remember to forget the pain I am feeling until it consumes me,
And I will keep trying until I once again realize it isn’t enough.
But most of all, I will let new hope rise and sprout on my branches with all its vibrant colors.
And when winter comes around,
Once again,
I will watch them fall.

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