Skinny Rules

August 7, 2017

The most popular ones are the skinniest
Not thin,
Not small
To the point where their shoulder blades protrude abruptly
Their size double zero shorts
Accentuating their immaculate waists and thighs
Makeup covers flaws
and hides the fact they are starving
They look like pins
Like you could shove them over with no effort
Those same girls tease others
Bullying them into the same small frame
The girls point their spindly fingers
And laugh
Mocking anyone who does not have ghastly faces
And the lack of a visible cage that is slowly crushing them
Sunken eyes like anchors,
Dragging their desire to live into the depth of their beings
The mean girls with skin of veins and broken bones
Ailing health and twisted ways
They flick their dull, wilty hair and walk away on their twiggy legs
So little they know
For there is no future for the girls who starve themselves

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hope.b said...
Nov. 19 at 1:50 pm
I truly love how bold this poem was and the serious topic it touched on. I could feel the hurt behind it, as if the point of view was from the person who was being bullied into starvation. I also LOVED the eyes and anchors simile. Truly outstanding.
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