Help Me

August 7, 2017
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Help me
I have overdosed once again
I have filled my lungs up with smoke
I gave myself scars again today
I lunged infront a car

Heal me
my life is scattered
like broken glass
a time bomb may invade
to the scars I painted on my leg
at exactly 6:06 today

Help me
try to understand me
heal me
even when I’m never okay
with high doubts and constant revolutions of power and emptiness

Heal me
scar cream and therapy are never enough
peal the layers of anxiety and depression off of me slowly
for they are my demons
they are inside of me
my demons convince me that they are all I have
sometimes I agree
sometimes I disagree

Help me
save me from my demons
my inner rage
scare the fragile  woman inside of me
give her the courage to believe she is strong
if you succeed maybe she can receive
a minute?
or an hour?
or even a second
of being truly happy.

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