August 7, 2017
The car is moving
Closer and closer to infinity
In reality you are myth
But many still jaunt towards you
I wrestle myself wondering and wandering
How could it be?how could it be?
That i even zeal
Perhaps you are tangible after all
I would commit the ultimate beyrayal to fathom ur might
Who wouldnt??
Though we shouldnt...
Is it my fate will i be great?is it my bait?
How shall i rate...if i wait have i took the bait?will or should i be late?
From the first cell to the first sapien
That chose to reproduce you were there....should it have led to this?
A world with no peace?   malevolent
We try to rationalize with no sapient
I meditate
upon the blue sky but still no answers
'What must be will be';but will it be?
You have baffled all the greatest minds
They all thought
And we still think
We are moving closer and closer to infinity
By Macho

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