Clean and Dirty Hands

August 7, 2017
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You think your the almighty innocent,
yet you crush people with your anger,
and rudeness.
You said make sure your hands are clean,
but yours are dirtier than mine.
You do more bad than I have ever done.
You will be judged by the way you great people,
so don't be shocked when someone does something that involves you in a story.
People will judge you.
They don't know how to stop,
it's like an instinct for people.
They see you and they wonder how you'll be,
then they actually meet you and hang out with you.
And they either realize that your rude and disrespectful to people or,
they realize that they misjudged you.
You need to make your first impressions good,
instead of blowing them off like a firework.
The world isn't going to be rainbows and sunshines.
People have dirty hands, that they don't know how to wash them clean,
of evil and destruction.
Its hard, yet you have to hold it together.
Don't give up, full fill your goal of positive energy.

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