The Party

August 6, 2017
By Anonymous

I'm sitting in a crowded room
But I've never felt so alone
Hoping that I'll leave here soon
And finally go home

Huddled in a corner
Wanting this party to end
Wondering when I became such a loner
And missing my old friends

I've been here for hours
But I haven't said more than a word
Like a lonely little flower
Always seen but never heard

But now I finally see
That I'm here all by myself
And the people all around me
Only care about themselves

I want to return home
Where I know what will and won't
They say the devil that you know
Is better than the one you don't

Sometimes being in a crowd
Is lonelier than you'd think
Because it's not just what's said aloud
But what's left right on the brink

When no one even acknowledges
Your presence in the room
You wonder about the disadvantages
Of leaving so soon

I'm sitting in a crowded room
Where I've never felt so alone
I know I'll never leave here soon
And that I'll never really go home

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