The Dissection MAG

August 4, 2017
By BrianJwa BRONZE, Wellesley, Massachusetts
BrianJwa BRONZE, Wellesley, Massachusetts
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Incision, splitting the world in two, three, four,
Tearing away at the forest, lush with its ecosystem of cells.
The fluid, red blood, pollution.
Life, met with death
To overthrow an eroding nation senselessly directed.
Debilitating, life-draining, pollution.
And oh the wonders they hold!
A Lazarus for the countless,
Salvation from fire, luciferase, pollution
A new gust of breath that flows to the depths of our crevices,
The oxygen that fills our vines of capillaries, veins, arteries,
A life revived.

The author's comments:

Currently, I'm at some program for biomedical and surgical research, and we're watching a surgical procedure of a nephrectomy. As I'm watching the incisions being made, the tearing away at tissues, and the complete removal of a kidney, I'm suddenly reminded of global warming. Don't ask. It just happened. I don't know why either. But since I'm reminded of my avid concerns for this pressing issue, especially nowadays, I feel the need to raise some awareness, adding to the already countless written works published online for the same purpose. And so, out of raw motivation and a tinge of instinct, I draft this piece, magnifying the life-threatening effects of climate change on not only the well-being of all people in general, but also the proper functioning of human anatomy and physiology, by using diction regarding a surgical procedure. As the author, I hope to instill a sense of urgency- a stimulation of a healthful nationalism, if you will. Esentially, climate change must be reversed if we want to revive our forests, our ice caps, our dignity. 

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