In Twelve Years

August 4, 2017
By Anonymous

In twelve years I hope to sit on a bed, just like i am now, covered in a blanket with my laptop on my thighs, just like i am now, typing away, just like I am now, but in a New York City apartment listening to the sound of the traffic as the sound track to my life. In twelve years I will be 27 years old, hopefully with a college degree and a job as an up and coming writer in the city for a big time magazine where I can write what I want and love what I do. I hope I will know how to type instead of poking each key with my pointer fingers, I hope this newfound skill will increase my writing time by at least half so I don’t lose my train of thought mid sentence. I hope i’m high enough in my job to be able to write with very little correct punctuation and have someone correct it for me. In twelve years I hope I wake up every morning next to the love of my life and we have two kids with hopes of more. i hope my son is a mommas boy and my daughter is a daddys girl and they love each other unconditionally. I hope they laugh together and fight together and one day there’s a girl that says “my big brother will kick your as*.” and theres a boy who say “touch my baby sister and i’ll kick your a*s.” I hope my little girl never gets her heart broken and my little boy grows up treating every girl with nothing but respect. I hope when I look into their eyes I see their father and I fall even more in love with him for that. I hope I have enough money to give my children a stable home and I hope I can afford Spotify premium. I hope I give my children a good example of a loving and committed marriage like I had, something more real than what you would see in a Nicholas Sparks movie. I hope I am making a difference in the world, doesn't have to be big, just giving something positive that wasn't there before. I hope I bring laughter and joy to everyone I encounter. I hope that pain becomes a distant memory but without suffering no one would appreciate the good.

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