Signed, We Who Found Our Release

August 3, 2017
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Our childhood was scarred by the efforts to erase it
Our memories mixed with emotions and bitter ghosts
Our time was limited since the moment of our first breath
Our future painted grey at most

We tried to break free of our chains
And the ugly demons holding us back
We tried to break free of these useless rhymes
But our destiny was doomed forever trapped

Life became nothing more than broken vignettes
Held together by seams of bitter hate
Whether it was reality or just an illusion
We wanted out of this dreadful fate

We'd die young and alone
Forever unwanted
We'd die with no tombstone
Forever haunted

But if you look closely
You'll see our tragic stories
drawn across our wrists

Lines jaggedly flowing
You ignored our suffering
But save the others
(With my last breath)
I insist

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