To the one who changed me

July 31, 2017
By Dwight_Eisenflower PLATINUM, Luray, Virginia
Dwight_Eisenflower PLATINUM, Luray, Virginia
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Those who move beyond the most blatant aspect of what I do will then understand
What I am trying to say.

-Marilyn Manson

you only had control over me

because you convinced me

that I was sick

and I needed fixing

but the whole time

you weretearing me up

and I was so blinded by infatuation

that I didn't even notice

the glaring red flags

the manipulation

the way you took my independence

and made me think I needed you

you blew every miniscule problem I had

way out of proportion

then you made it all better

told me that I could come to you

whenever I was "feeling bad"

but now I realize that it was you all along

YOU were the sick one

you had been abandoned

"trust issues"

and this was the only way you felt like

you could hold on to people

the only way to keep them in your life

I must say

you mastered the art

You were so good

at making me feel


I lapped up the attention

you gave me

I was so naive

I thought you were perfect

It was only towards the end

when our relationship was crumbling

that I finally saw

the real you

the one that was there all along

but only then was I letting myself

see what was right in front of me

my mother was right about you

you really are a creep

and you had no right

to snatch my innocence

when I was so young

and now I've been woven

into your tapestry

full of fragile souls

ripe for your picking

I wasn't the first you hurt

and I won't be the last

you will continue

to walk in and out of people's lives

leaving destruction in your wake

but for now I can say

you're pretty much gone from mine

and I'm still cleaning up the mess

fixing the damage

but the thought of you

doesn't burn me the way it used to

because now I understand

I never needed you

in the first place

I'm strong enough to stand

on my own

and there is no reason for me

to be anything but happy

I'm not going to waste any more

of my life

dwelling on you

you're not worth it

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