Broken Down History

July 31, 2017
By Anonymous

You called me an artist
With a broken down soul
So when did I become your seamstress
And someone you thought you could control?


Trying to sew together these pieces
Of your broken down heart.
But who's going to be there for me
Deep in the night when I fall apart?


I'm just held together by band-aids
That you would call plastic smiles
Simply dressed in faux happiness
That you would call a style.


Eyes twinkling in a pool of lies
While my demons fight within
Adding a fake skip to my stride
While hiding these cuts on my skin.


But tonight,
The shards from my empty,
broken down heart
Are cutting in way too deep


And tonight,
The echoes in my empty,
broken down walls
Are screaming too loud to sleep.


So as I toss and turn tonight
In this endless infinite beat
Where are you now darling
As I'm alone crying in my sheets


And one thing is for sure
Never again will we meet
Because only one thing is for sure
This history always repeats

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