July 31, 2017
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She walked around unaware of the true beauty that she had, unaware of the power of her footsteps. She had not yet found herself or even known what it was like to be loved. She knew of love though; she knew the type of love her parents had for her she knew the type of love she hears her friends talking about that included confused feelings and passionate thoughts of their significate others but with all of this she never experienced love. She tip toed over the idea of some one really loving her she cringed at the thought of opening herself up and uncovering herself to another human both mentally and emotionally. She would rather be loved then to be respected because of the simple fact that if you love someone you should respect them. Now just because she hasn’t been in love with someone doesn’t mean she don’t know what’s it like to be with someone, in the past she knew of strong like she knew of lust she knew of wanting someone. But love to her was like a child wanting to touch fire, they are amazed by how pretty it is amazed because it is something new the colors attracted attention but once you lean in to touch it you feel the warmth of the flame you smell the smoke all the signs that’s its bad for you but yet your still intrigued and finally touch it and get burned but in her case she never paid attention to the flame yeah she glanced every now and again and knew what that flame was going to do. She is afraid of getting hurt getting lied to getting played. She wants love but doesn’t want the drama that comes with love and being loved. She never experienced true heart break she knows the depression of having someone express feelings and unable to relate. She aware to the fact that people throw I Love You’s around like trash. She feels unhuman because of the fact she can find these feelings for no one she’s knows they are there she have the urge to love at times and think about letting them in but that voice in the back of her head says no

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