Dear High School Quarterback

July 29, 2017
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What have you done?
Like the pang of ice rain against a windowsill
I kept myself guarded from your temptation
It took weeks to extinguish your grip
I am back to square one

Your eyes
They cut through me without my consent
Every time I am left a shell
You invade me
One look and I am yours for the taking
My clenched jaw does not subside

I long for the intimacy of held gazes
The smile that lazily creeps up your cheek
Blissful little stolen peeks
No visualization is needed to know where your eyes fall
They burn holes only filled by your touch
Your touch is not there

There is rage in your voice
There is hatred in your song
But pain does not hide so easily behind pale eyes
There is a quiver in your voice; hesitation in your words
I know you are trying
I cannot love a man consumed by his pride

You are not enough for me
Rather, I am too much for you
We love differently; You are red, I am blue
Transformation tiptoes on the edge of your brain
But I am simply a girl
That is where you went wrong.

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