The Wings of Dreams (pt. 1)

July 29, 2017
By Lyinheart SILVER, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Lyinheart SILVER, Harrisonburg, Virginia
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"Failing isn't just for failures, it's for everybody. Failures just have more experience." - Dan Smith

“Keep your feet on the ground,
Those wings weren’t meant for flying.
They’re for cooling your temper,
Earned by years of wasted potential.

‘Keep your head out of the clouds, Son,
You’ll lose track of where you’re going.
Trip and fall and begin to crawl
But you have to start somewhere right?

‘Someday you’ll have it made,
But not today.
No, you still have to make it,
Men weren’t meant to fly.

‘We tried and tried,
But we’ve always fallen.
Only birds were meant to soar,
Don’t let that be forgotten.
‘Keep your feet on the ground,
It’s the safest place to be.
Keep your eyes to the road,
The expectations you carry are a heavy load.

‘Metal wasn’t meant to scrape the sky,
Or soar to the heavens.
The only thing that flies is time,
Though we don’t want it to.

‘Keep your feet on the ground,
It’s the safest place to be.
Don’t climb too high,
Because you’ll just burn in the sky.

‘Burn the things you call wings,
But they’re just hopes and dreams.
And they can’t set you free,
From the chains around your feet.

‘So open your eyes, Son,
This isn’t a fantasy.
Open your eyes,
This is our reality.”

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