Time of Society

July 28, 2017
By M.Larsen BRONZE, Maple Valley, Washington
M.Larsen BRONZE, Maple Valley, Washington
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Many things upset us as humans, those things turn our world upside-down. Some days we can't feel like we matter because, well, some people don't make us feel like we matter. Those people just don't stop doing whatever it is that rips us apart, and soon, they will rip us, all of us, from peace and heart. All of the people who let themselves be victims of society will have to live their life without personality. Everything drags a part of us down, the boat is sinking, exactly what do a have now?
Individuality, no. alone. We have to own our confidence. Or else those who have lost take the only thing we have left. This emptiness is a never ending loop hole of loneliness. So stick around, change, help and desire. We've got awhile in the blackhole of society.

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