Highschool Lunchroom

July 28, 2017
By JShana SILVER, Chantilly, Virginia
JShana SILVER, Chantilly, Virginia
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Noise in plastic wrap
smiling from ketchup stains
and there’s that girl who always sits alone
because she thinks that the world is falling apart
when it’s really just the ground at her feet.
Green specks in tile because the interior designer’s girlfriend was pregnant
and he didn’t want his wife to know.
Creaky chairs where a lunchbox sits to save a seat for someone who will never.
I always sit here
there are crumbs on the table
Chocolate milk shouldn’t associate with pizza
just like I shouldn’t associate with you
because they’re on opposite sides of the alphabet.
What colors they could choose
mayo and mustard and relish and salt and pepper
except Michelle Obama stole the last two from us
and I’m selfish and don’t care about my blood pressure so
give me my salt and pepper, please.
Narcissism in my yogurt
I’m better than you
but chase after my crush with clementines.
She munches on half an apple crunch
so many fruits where are the veggies

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