Nights Like These

July 28, 2017

Nights like these, they were made to be everything.

We had everything, everything we once anticipated. Four corners. Four walls.

I left the lights off because you were enough.

The sheets were drenched in the wine you tried so hard to take in. It was never strong enough, and neither was I.

Your jet black hair matched those eyes that never slept. The same eyes that could make every girl run your way. The green in your eyes pierced the somber gray that prevailed in mine.

You were perfection for the ones that never saw anything that hid behind you.

Your cigarette hung from the edge of your mouth that lingered for tastes it was far from forbidden.

It burned the way I did for you. I was always your imperfection. I was a part of the shadow you carried.

Yet you were my only. My only perfection, and I remained as something your eyes never searched for.

Then why, why did you make promises you could never have kept?  

You told me that I became the reason your heart decided to love again. You told me that the day you’d forget me would be the end to you.

The tears from your eyes ran across your face and right onto the sheets that were once dirty and now cleansed. Each tear was a bullet to my heart.

The glass in your hand was now broken the way you were. I left not knowing if the love you gave me was true. I left not knowing whether or not I was a mistake or an intention.

Your cigarette burned out just like my love for you.

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