July 27, 2017
By RebelHeart SILVER, Upperdeerfield, New Jersey
RebelHeart SILVER, Upperdeerfield, New Jersey
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Don't look at me like a perfect portrait

When my smile was sewn on

And my flaws edited out

As the lights covered my insecurities

And the flashes buried

The shadows of my demons

Within the vignettes of my life

Which were hidden in the depths of time

For no one else to ever see...


Don't touch me like I'm a masterpiece

When you weren't there to sketch my rough edges.

You weren't there to see my colors

Bleed through my paper thin masks    

Spilling black, blue, and red

Onto the tile floor forever as cold as my heart...


Don't hold me like I'll shatter

When you weren't there to see me in pieces

Because darling you can't break something

That's already broke...

The author's comments:

Just bits and pieces of late night thoughts I dug up from a couple years ago and strung together...

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