A Trip to Hearts

July 27, 2017

Everything you have said to has left me in awe of your brilliance.

I look at you and I see a flare of power.

As you stand there with the intense amount of light falling to your face, everything becomes eternal.

Spending my minimal amount of time in this world has left me feeling immortal.

I found you in the depths of my fantasies.

Time has given us the space to create a bond so vastly extraordinary.

Love me more now that time is running and the space between us is shortening.

My fingers run wild as I trace every inch of your face.

My heart beats faster as I realize these moments are definitive.

Early mornings allow the light to find its way to your eyes.

Early mornings are often eventful with demise.

I will remain with you as you continue I will walk every step of the way to accompany you

My breath has stopped but my heart has not

Remember that this was never something I forethought

I will hold on to the tears you weep,

I will hold on to the heart you’ve given me,

I will hold on to the thought of being yours eternally even though

I would escape your mind in a moment or two

Remember, leaving will only be a separation of space and time.

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