I Hope You Like You

July 25, 2017
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When I was in your arms,
I felt trapped,
You were holding my wings back,
The first thing you see when you look at me is my desire to be free,
however despite my longing for independence
my heart is way to grand,
I will go out of my way to help strangers,
my loving nature is a road block,
for it always leads me to danger,
little did I know that danger would soon enough be you,
I feel like a caged bird when I think back to all the memories,
the laughs we shared were only the foundation,
you planted into my figment of imagination,
you guarded me from the outside world with a mask of guilt,
you played the role of the caring guy that would never lie,
but at the end of the day,
after the acting and the makeup wears away,
I hope you can live with the decisions you made,
because you can fool anyone you want with a planned out script and a mask,
but you will never be able to trick yourself,

I wish you the best,
sincerely your forever ex.

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