The Probability of a Moment

July 31, 2017

What are the chances of the moment you are living in right now? What are the chances that things would have played out to this exact moment, you here, reading this?
Think about it. Every moment in your life has led you to this moment, and all moments to come.
Not only did they have to happen for you, but also for other people. Other people had to have all their moments leading up to the point where they were in your moments, and so on.
And not only the moments that are currently remembered by the living. Think about the astronomical amount of moments that led to your ancestors moments.
What are the chances right?
What are the chances of this moment? I had to write this, you had to read this, and so many other things had to happen for us to be here.
The odds of this moment are astronomical.
The odds of any moment playing out one way are astronomical.
Yet there doesn’t seem to be anything special about most moments. It’s just everyday life, right?
Moments that seem mundane, are not.
There is no such thing as an ordinary moment.
Because the chances of each moment you’ve lived is a miracle.
It really is all connected.
Maybe you laugh at that. Maybe you’ve heard that before, and don’t really believe it.
But it’s the truth.
Our actions are like ripples. When we take an action, however small, it will ripple through history.
Every moment you live will create ripples in other people. Every choice you make ripples through the eons.
These ripples make up time as we know it. I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this and you wouldn’t be sitting here reading this without countless ripples, countless moments.
And each of these moments, even the mundane ones, was astronomically unlikely.
Time may not be as simple as we think.
Our lives might not be as simple as we think.
There is no beginning or end to our existence. We simply are a ripple in a pond that extends forever, and our ripple shall extend forever as well.
What is the probability of a moment? Even a mundane one?
Each moment really is a miracle.
So every moment you live matters, even if it seems at times it doesn’t.
Sometimes the mundane things are the most miraculous.
That is the probability of a moment.

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