July 30, 2017
By Anonymous

Smile, because you're designed to.
Smile, cuz it's the best curve on your body.
Smile, because there's someone who's cravin' for it.
Smile, because there's no point in looking back and regretting the decisions you took.
Smile, because someone will spend hours on end contemplating the words to say to you but then no combination of 26 letters will capture even a silver of that damn 17 muscled curve.
Smile, because what's the point in crying?
Smile on the mistakes you made.
Smile,because peace begins with it.
Smile, because you might just light up someone's world.
Smile, because who knows until when you're gonna have teeth.
Smile because you've a life worthwhile.
Smile, because it can patch up problems and make them go away.
Smile, because people seldom notice old clothes when you wear that big smile.
Smile,because you have friends who will never leave you.
Smile, because you've been blessed as you look around and see people who never backed away.
Smile,because you're beautiful in your own way.

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