Sundrunk Revenge

July 22, 2017
By Anonymous

Artificial AC frost plunges systems into overdrive,
Frantically gasping for thermal energy,
Vibrating from lack of defense against it,
This omniscient wasteful cruelty is left on.

Staggers out in spoiled desperation,
Washed over with a buzzing relief wave,
Sighing as temperatures drag spirits along to soar,
Absorbs the one greatest force in this dimension.

All revolve around this natural joy,
Cherishing this magnificent and true power,
Of this that takes up no space,
Instead, altruistically granting it to life.

Briefly recalls this appreciation of what it cannot control,
Loses every nonexistent speck of rationale, seeking to take advantage of it,
And pretends to worship this nurturer of Earth,
Crushing the naive innocent organisms who truly respect it.

Skin morphs into a color imitating the source,
Realizes the mind-lifting glory is short-lived,
And that itself is not worthy of this strength,
The universe punishing our passivity with heat stroke.

The author's comments:

Appreciate what you have by helping it and changing it for the better. The Earthly environment we all live in is more powerful than we can ever hope to control, but the cosmos a trillion-fold more beyond that. Nothing is for granted.

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