The Awaited Requite

July 22, 2017
By Monamee PLATINUM, Dhaka, Other
Monamee PLATINUM, Dhaka, Other
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Come back my friend, I have stories to tell.
Come back my friend, I have casts to spell.
Tell me dear, don't you miss me a bit?
Don't you miss the way each other's faces we lit?
Won't you come over my place for a cup of tea?
Would ever try to find a trace of me?
It hurts a lot on not seeing you.
As true friends like you exist a few.
I want both of us to get back like old times.
I wish to see us humming those old chimes.
This silence between us is killing me from inside.
With the same old feelings only guilt to hide.
I ask you to come back with teary eyes.
As without you it does not feel nice. 

The author's comments:

Friends are an irreplacable segment of our lives. We are truly incomplete without them in all essence. This is to all old friends whom we never talk to but are present in our heavy hearts all the time. 

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