Depth of her

July 21, 2017
By Reneilowrites BRONZE, Harare, Other
Reneilowrites BRONZE, Harare, Other
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I sat at the back of the room and in an instant her beauty caught my eyes. She had black hair and bold brown eyes. But that was what she wanted people to see.....I saw a big black sack on her back..weighing her down...I saw bricks tied to her legs and chains on her hands.I saw pain in her eyes and blood from her scars.I saw the smile on her was nothing genuine.

I watched her smile and laugh with company that turned their back and ridiculed her. I watched her gaze at what they call "happiness".

She was alone. She stood there in silence but noone seemed to notice. She stumbled with each step but noone could see it..Tears dripping as she pulled a smile that seemed to say everything is okay.

I could see through her soul and i could almost hear her thoughts. There were gaps in her soul, people that made promises but never fulfilled. There were holes from the bullets she took in silence and one day this girl was going to lose it all....I couldn't imagine the pain she was going through....Within a moment her thought pattern changed and her face lit up a little...i looked to the other end and there he was....the guy that made her world stop and her heart beat uncontrollably, but he was looking over her shoulder into the eyes of another who probably wouldn't treasure him like she would....I looked at her and my eyes were watering...she was on her knees in a puddle of her own blood and she was continuously and mercilessly stabbing herself....why was i the only person that could see it ?...Maybe because it was a clear and vivid reflection !!

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