Connecting with a Purpose

July 19, 2017
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Many people may believe that we are all categorized into different
categories depending on our age and will never relate to others until we
of course become that age and then we will never have a chance
connecting with those of other ages. For we believe they will never
understand us.
Then there are the painful words critically used among each other "they
will never be..."
Laid — back
And the most common among younger groups- "Cool"
Imagine if only one type remained. Basically, everyone would
disappear/vanish EXCEPT the
Respectful ones
Laid back
Or how about "Cool" 

If this happened how would we all connect and learn from each other?
Every person and every age group has an ultimate purpose and without
them a large part of this world would never be repaired.
There are six important words you must never forget (this is a warning)
These words are-
Every person has an ultimate purpose
So do not try to eliminate any age youp because if you do that will be a
large problem,
There are elder people who are very clever and intelligent and have
many interesting things to say. Who long to help you advance in the
gospel and take interest in what you say, Most often they are from your
There are parents who may not be "cool" yet are exceedingly brave.
They are protective and would give their lives for their children.
There are young often referred to as "annoying" children. Do you know
how much I dislike it when teens refer to young children as "annoying?"
They could not be more wrong. These youngsters are here to learn from
God created a lot of different people of different ages and groups for his
purpose. Undoubtedly, we all must connect.

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