Mr. Perfect

July 24, 2017
By IceBear BRONZE, Eldersburg, Maryland
IceBear BRONZE, Eldersburg, Maryland
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Mr. Perfect, he stands in front of me
with his brown hair and blue eyes, shinning like all the stars in the sky
his voice rings in my ears like the sounds from a thousand symphonies

but when I’m left alone

I’m left with the terrors that race around my mind
the terrors that have made me scared of everything I used to love
the fear of not being perfect enough to match his perfection
the fears that leave me bleeding and hurting
with the hole in my chest where my heart should be
and a thought arises what if  he's not perfect enough for me
he takes the hearts of many but never returns them
and I’m stuck in the never-ending limbo of love, or what I thought was love


I break free
I crash through the walls I made for myself
I go to his secret lair and steal back the maker of my decisions
the one part of me that never stops fighting 

I go unorthodox
I find a new path
one I would never have traveled before
my stolen heart beats in my chest as if I have an entire percussion section in my body
bang bang bang, bang bang bang the drums of war beat within me
I fight against every thing I thought I knew
against what I thought to be true

what I have found is like no other
the feelings pour out of me and take over
I have found someone who will fight the inner demons that live within me
he is the one who keeps me living fast and free
the one who preserves the fire I have within

And Mr. Perfect is left alone with his countless lonely hearts…
but not mine

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