The Ni (On being an INTJ)

July 18, 2017
By rosemiu BRONZE, Niagara Falls, Ontario
rosemiu BRONZE, Niagara Falls, Ontario
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Favorite Quote:
"Give up brooding, thinking, analysing, [...] Enjoy the moment - but could one?"- Virginia Woolf

Introverted intuition
My driving process
Allowing me to navigate in a world in which
My own thinking is rare

Introverted intuition
Coupled with extraverted thinking
A dynamic duo
Taking on the world

Introverted intuition
Helpful in some situations yet
Useless in most
If not controlled,

Introverted intuition
A rarity among types
Unique and a double-edged sword
It isolates, confuses, troubles

Introverted intuition
Stop consuming me whole
I’m missing out on
All the little things
I can’t breathe.

Introverted intuition
Tinkering away
Maybe you’ll let me
Use my extraverted sensing
One day

Introverted intuition
The world is passing by
I want to notice the flowers
The trees, tastes, smells, and sounds
There’s more than this.
The Ni

The author's comments:

I love to read about Myers-Briggs. It is a personality test centered around Jungian psychology and I could read about it for hours. I am so consumed by this theory I apply it in everyday life. I am aware that not everyone fits nicely into sixteen boxes dreamed up by Carl Jung, and I don't even know if I am 'INTJ' or it's a label that I've tightly clung to so that I can hide under the guise of 'knowing myself' but I really enjoy the theory. Even if there's little to no scientific evidence behind it. This prompted me to write this poem. 

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