Unrequited Love

July 18, 2017
By Pistachio GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
Pistachio GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
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I know what I said.

I know what I told you:

I was happy,

I wanted to hear about it, 

I was excited for you.

But truth is, I'm not.


I'm angry.

but not at you. 

You didn't know what I felt,

because how could you?

I never said a word. 

I stood by.

Convincing myself that YOU needed a rebound first.

But who am I kidding?

I couldn't commit. 

And now?

I win the grand prize: to sit back and watch.


As you live, and love

without seeing me. 

Falling in love with that laugh, 

that smile,

that passion for life.


Congrats self. You've won. 

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