Lost In The Sorm

July 17, 2017
By ThrasherBrian BRONZE, Lennox, California
ThrasherBrian BRONZE, Lennox, California
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John was a simple person in life wanting to more with his life. John;s day had consisted of spending his time in a cubicle since he was an accountant. He aspired to be a mechanical engineer but his parents wanted him to make good money which is why he became an accountant so satisfy his parents and not himself. While working in his cubicle one of his co-workers saw how much stress he was under as of late. John being the hardworking person he is had not had a vacation in years and his co-worker knew this which is why he suggested to John “ Hey John you know what you need? You need a vacation ya know away from the wife and kids it’ll be a good little thing to get you back into the swing of things”. John took his suggestion and as soon as he went home he thought for hours on end as to where he should go. John could basically travel where ever he would please after spending many years in that dreadful cubicle. People who saw John as a simple person but deep within him he had a drive to do something adventurous, so what better to do than climb to the top of Mount Everest.  John was thrilled at the thought to climb Mount Everest but his wife would never let him do such a so he had to create a very convincing lie. He told his wife Hannah “Would it be fine if me and my mates go camping for a week and ½ “. But Hannah thought to herself how could he just leave her and the kids all alone for over a week but then came to the conclusion for as hard as he’s worked he deserves  some time off. Before you knew John was on a plane to Tibet for his great adventure. Upon arrival he had to buy thousands of dollar in equipment for preparation of climbing to the top. 2 days went by as John was ready. He was at the base of the mountain and decided to tag along with more experienced climbers he had found at the base. Then they were off to achieve one of the greatest feats known to man. They were on foot for days it seemed like but John and the group were just a quarter of the way there. Not too long later they decided to set up shop on a nice flat area of the mountain. John had to share his tent with one the men he was traveling with since the group since the space was more limited than he thought, but John actually became quite fond of this stranger he had just met they finding out that they’re both from the same town that they’re traveling from, Birmingham, England. After a long day it was time to knock out. The entire campsite was awoken by the harsh snow storm . Leaving their tents everything was covered in snow and ice but that was nothing to set them back. They continued regardless of the circumstances. Halfway into the climb they had to walk across a very unsecure bridge John was hesitant to walk across so let everyone walk first when suddenly the strong force of the wind knocked nearly half the group off. John had no option to go any further he was forced to walk all the way back to their previous campsite. On the way back the intensity of the storm only began to grow bigger and bigger making him have to seek refuge in a cave he had seen at the corner of his eye. He had to stay their for the night in hope the storm would calm down by dawn. He was lacking food, he was fine water wise but had to food somehow. At this point things got not have gotten worse but they did, the chances of an avalanche occurring was not so high but their was. The avalanche trapped John for days upon days. A week past, Hannah was scared to death. She had found out he had not actually gone on a camping trip with his friends in which she found out by when he had not come home when he said he would have so Hannah called his friends saying they knew nothing about a camping trip. Switching back to John he was starving so he had to resort to his last option, looking at his leg knowing how hungry he was, he took a knife from his back pocket and began cutting off the meat from his leg as his only food source. It wasn’t until a week later that the rescue team found him trying to look for survivors of the avalanche with both his feets completely cut off  to keep himself from  starving. Hannah blames herself everyday day for letting herself get tricked so easily and can not live with herself knowing that she could’ve done something to prevent all of this.

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