Hold My Hand

July 16, 2017
By Ally338 GOLD, Sterling , Virginia
Ally338 GOLD, Sterling , Virginia
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No matter what
Please hold my hand
Don't let me fall into the canyon as deep
As the sorrow which fills my every bones
Don't let me go back to that dark place where the only light that could be seen
Squeaked through the broken boards that nailed my soul shut to you
Help me to see the leaves grow
On trees as barren as the thoughts that plunge me into a bottomless ocean
Save me from drowning when my head is above water
Show me the joys that will awaken me from my slumber
And drive me far away from the pricker
Tell me what awaits me at the end of the road
Of broken stones and empty feelings
Help me to believe that all the times that I stumble
Will be worth the moments that I break free from these chains
And the times that I shine as brightly as
The hand which reaches to pull me away from my eternal night
Hold my hand

The author's comments:

This piece reminds me and hopefully others that no matter how dark a place you're in, there will always be hope and a helping hand.

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