Mystery Foe

July 16, 2017
By Ally338 GOLD, Sterling , Virginia
Ally338 GOLD, Sterling , Virginia
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I was born with my arms chained behind my back
And a blindfold over my eyes
An undiagnosed problem
And a future full of cries

Millions of blood tests
Questions to never end
My mystery problem
Was not my friend

I scooted down the stairs
And the doctors had no clue
Why I could not walk
Until I was two

On and on
The answers never came
All we knew for sure
Was that this thing was a pain

But I still lived my life
For better or for worse
With my mysterious foe, my enemy,
My curse

My family was there
Right by my side
Holding my hand
Helping me stride

I went to first grade
And made new friends
I would not let my disability
Be my life's end

I rode a bike
And passed every milestone
It may have taken longer
But I was not alone

I got good grades
And scratched up knees
If I couldn't open a door
I just tried another key

Finally, in fifth grade
As my heart beat like a drum
I got diagnosed
With a hypo plastic cerebellum

No this was not the answer
To all my issues
But heck I cried
And my mom needed tissues

Finally I had a better clue
And incentive to cheer
I knew the reason things had slowed me down
Since my life's first year

I continued to grow
And went to sixth grade
Tried to walk through life
Like it was a huge parade

I met my best friend
And went to high school
Together we faced
Everything with determination as fuel

So now here I am today
Telling you why
My balance disorder
Only strengthened my battle cry

Yes, at times I am weak
And I may trip and fall
But I'll get back up
And have people to call

Stronger than steel
I went through struggles I could beat
My hands were tied behind my back
But I learned to play piano with my feet

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece to inspire others who may go through the same struggles as I do. No matter how many times we fall, there will always be someone to help pick us back up! 

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