A Love Letter to Myself

July 15, 2017
By Ally338 GOLD, Sterling , Virginia
Ally338 GOLD, Sterling , Virginia
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I love you more than Harry loves Ginny
And I love you more than Four loves Tris
I love you more than the twinkle in your eyes
And more than the feeling of sweet bliss

I love all the things you’re not
And all the things you are
I love you more than any character
With a lighting bolt scar

I love you because you’re amity,
Erudite, and abnegation
Because you’re a candor, a dauntless
With no limitations

I love you because of your dreams
And the endless possibilities
Of all the things you’ll do
And the person you will be

I love you because you can’t be sorted
You’re not one or the other
A Gryffindor and a Ravenclaw
Brave and clever

I love you because you see
What others don’t
You love more, you believe more, you are more
than anything that can be wrote

So now I will ask you
to believe me when I say
you are perfectly perfect
a beautiful ray

Light in the dark
Hope for the doomed
A voice for the silent
A flower that has bloomed

Because Ally you are
Divergent, magical and more
You are beautiful wings
That are ready to soar

The author's comments:

This poem was inspired by my love for the Harry Potter Series and the Divergent Series. There's nothing that makes me feel as good as reading these books, and there was no better way for me to express self-love than through them. 

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