A Love Letter to Myself

July 15, 2017
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I love you more than Harry loves Ginny
And I love you more than Four loves Tris
I love you more than the twinkle in your eyes
And more than the feeling of sweet bliss

I love all the things you’re not
And all the things you are
I love you more than any character
With a lighting bolt scar

I love you because you’re amity,
Erudite, and abnegation
Because you’re a candor, a dauntless
With no limitations

I love you because of your dreams
And the endless possibilities
Of all the things you’ll do
And the person you will be

I love you because you can’t be sorted
You’re not one or the other
A Gryffindor and a Ravenclaw
Brave and clever

I love you because you see
What others don’t
You love more, you believe more, you are more
than anything that can be wrote

So now I will ask you
to believe me when I say
you are perfectly perfect
a beautiful ray

Light in the dark
Hope for the doomed
A voice for the silent
A flower that has bloomed

Because Ally you are
Divergent, magical and more
You are beautiful wings
That are ready to soar

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