July 14, 2017

The turrets glisten against the angered sky
Through the paleing veil of the draped
My face a river, with tears I cry
Twilight, it’s beauty gone and raped

It’s once power dispersed
Pain conceals my being, four fold
For the only one’s lips I thirst
Has been whisked away by the cold

Blood boils against skin so chilled
Lying stiff, anger a burning hearth
Wooden lined and velvet filled
Lowering into the very earth

My love-my life- left my being
I shall remember each and everyday
Despair consumes me, you ran away fleeing
Nor do I blame you for to which your way

When it is only I who remain
The storm a thundering blow
By your sepulchre I await in pain
Until the rain turns to snow

The grave is not nearly as deep
Compared to the crater within my soul
I watch the snow sink and seep
Into the soil as dark as coal

I now wear this gown of raven black
Crimson tears arise in my eyes
Yearned for are the days when I could get you back
Wearing now a masked disguise

I wallow in the depths of dark
The remnants of our love is evermore
Dawn comes, songs sung by a lark
For I shall meet you at heaven’s shore

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