Glancing Eyes

July 13, 2017
By StoryTime SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
StoryTime SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
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And from the chaos flowers began to grow

“There is nothing better than being a girl, a women”
Words I hear from my mother at a young age
For maybe if she implants them into my thoughts
I will not doubt my worth
Because locking eyes with a stranger will never be simple
Glancing eyes that grope at my body before my face
Criticizing every line and curve
I am taught  “Boys will boys” 
As they tear into my soul
Men are praised when they look at a girl in the eye before looking down
Praised for not seeing a girl as a piece of meat they can claim
Prised for being strong willed
That should be what they do first
Because that girl in college who you found drunk in a park
Is strong willed for you have forced out the child in her
The child taught to love herself
Taught that make up should be fun not a necessity for you to love her
“What were you wearing?”
A question we learned to just answer
As if the clothing on our bodies were there to call out to them
They say we dress in beacons, letting them in
If we didn’t want the attention why did we dress like that
Maybe it felt nice to be showing my body for once, that is not an excuse for you
What  I do to my body is never an excuse for you to take it
Yes there is nothing better than being a women
Being criticized by what we eat, how we look, and how we act
This world has turned each girl against girl
When we should be united          
We are strong but stronger in teams
Bringing each other up not forcing them down
Yes there is nothing better than being a women 

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