July 13, 2017
By dnelson BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
dnelson BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
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In the daylight I’m fine
But when the night falls I’ll call you to my side

I’ll invite you into my bed
Curling up in your arms

Showing you how much I need you
Letting you fill the void

I’ll tell you that I love you
That you complete me

But as soon as the sun rises,
I will realize what I’ve done

I will shove you away
Turn my back, tell you to go away

I will begin to run,
Apologizing, over and over

Trying to convince myself
That I didn’t know any better

I will tell you that what I said last night,
Wasn’t what I meant

That it was a moment of weakness,
And I promise it won’t happen again

I’ll ignore all your calls and leave you alone
Retreating farther and farther into myself

But as soon as the night falls,
And the cold surrounds my soul

I will reach out for you and invite you back in
Telling all the same lies as before

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