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July 13, 2017
By singsongswithsoul BRONZE, American Fork , Utah
singsongswithsoul BRONZE, American Fork , Utah
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What if the world was kind and patient and we all put our pride down? Would there be any problems? What if we put down weapons,  talked and came to compromises? Would there be any wars? What if everyone knew how to work hard, everyone had to work for what they had? Would anyone be entitled? What if we loved people more than we loved things? Would there be a drop of hate? What if we thought educations was cool, getting degrees was smart? would we have poverty? What if we learned that asking for help was okay? would we have anyone falling below average? What if we learned that sometimes there isn't always a right answer, sometimes there is a couple? Would we ever argue? What if we all thought of each other as what we could become?  Would anyone forget their worth? What if age didn't define on whether or not you need to respect others? Would anyone become bitter? We ask "what if?" to all these questions that should be reality. We throw down each other, abuse each other. We think we are better or deserve more than each other.. What if that changes?

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