All Alone

July 12, 2017
By S.Allen896 BRONZE, Tarpon Springs , Florida
S.Allen896 BRONZE, Tarpon Springs , Florida
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All alone, in the surreal, rayless eventide, gnarly, disheveled hands gouging from the rooted Earth, tongue forever tied. Melancholia echoing through Gods breath, despondency wrenching your azure-splashed jeans, the susurrus of the Devil's proclamation chirping out sadistic demeans.

All alone, breathlessly jabbing at Lucifers servants with your brandishing feet, salty droplets bedaubing your face, disquietude gripping your palpitating heartbeat. Waves of stress rippling across your forehead, perusing the foggy twilight, searching for your best friend.

All alone, crumpling to your knees, croaking out their name, conceding to Hell's winsome pleas. Sinking through the sepia spotted soil, choking on your solitary sloughing tears, catechizing with your friends, questioning your unaccommodating peers, inquiring why they aren't here, reaching out instead of these back stabbing villains.

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